How to create a single member UDT, that is basically equivalent to an atomic tag with several customized (inherited) property defaults?

Is there a way to create a single member UDT, an instance of which is basically an atomic tag just with several properties set to customized/inherited defaults. I’ve had several instances of wanting to do this to have standardized alarm configuration and/or standardized tooltip/documentation.

My use case would be to create a “standard” AnalogAlarmTag and BooleanAlarmTag that had predefined alarms (inherited) that could be enabled/disabled per instance.

I understand you can create a UDT that has one member tag but that adds a level to the tag path (UDT Instance Name > UDT Member Name) and the name of the member tag is fixed. I’m specifically trying to avoid the extra hierarchy level and create a customized atomic tag with default (inherited) but overridable property settings.

I’ve had several occasions where I thought that would be useful, but have understood it was not possible… so I thought I’d just ask, and hopefully prove myself wrong.

I fully expect the answer (for current versions of Ignition) is that it is not an available feature. If its not, is that something that is or could be added to the development roadmap?

If my explanation is not clear, let me know, I’ll try again.

In the current UDT implementation the first level is always a folder, which can contain one or more member tags. My wish/request is that the first level could be an atomic tag such that an instance of the UDT could be substituted for any tag instance that was just an atomic tag, the only difference being that it (single tag UDT instance) would inherit the properties and parameters defined in the UDT definition.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for this. From what I can see in the SDK, not possible. Nor likely to become possible.