How to create a TAG from a Named query result?

Hi all, so background : I have a Mitsubishi PLC connected to a Redlion CR3000 HMI
This has been an off line machine so far. I have connected the CR3000 to ignition using OPCUA (redlion cr3000 acting as a server & a client)
So I can connect to the redlion and see & change the tags without issue.
What I want to do next is : using a tag completed on the HMI this will lookup a value using a named Query and deliver a result.
I can do this by using a vision client and putting the OPC tag on to the client and then refering to that in a named query to then lookup the result I want…
But I dont know how to then take that result back as a TAG so I can show it on the HMI/ use it for barcode labels etc…

See screenshot of what I have done so far & I can see it working on a vision client screen… Im a complete noob and I have watched all of the Inductive university vids on tags but im not sure what the process should be…

Assuming you want to get the result of the query shown in pic into the OPC tag to display on HMI.
There’s an approach to do this.

  1. Create a query tag in Ignition and have this query (from pic) return result in it
  2. Write a Tag Change event script to the same query tag to make it write into OPC tag.