How to create and write data to excel file without prompting a dialog

I want to export the dataset to excel by using system.dataset.exportExcel() function. when I tried, it asked me to select a path to export it. But I want it to export my data with overwriting and without asking me to select path. I cannot see a paramater about that inside the function. How can I do that ?

Use system.dataset.toExcel() instead, then system.file.writeFile(). See the example for toExcel().

Hi guys, Im using the "system.dataset.toExcel" function to create my file but I would like to have the option of the save dialog to select the location. Do you know how to do it?

Try this one (The opposite of the original post):

Note that .exportExcel() is Vision only...

...because this part is Vision only. Browsers (Perspective) only provide such a dialog for downloads, and offer the source website no influence over the target folder.

This old OP isn't tagged "Vision", but must have been.