How to create custom data markers for chart and easy chart in vision

i have some charting that i would like to use data markers on but ive chosed all i believe 7 types of markers and all are too large ... id like a small dot for a marker about 1/2 the size of the current avail ones

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I have a feeling this was a phone pocket reply....

Ok … ive already cycled through the different markers and sizes … I currently have the more usable for us chosen. I was hoping I could create a custom bitmap and using some light script replace one of the options currently available or add to the current list.

Im hoping this might be a feature add in the future

Thank you very much for your reply and your time on this

The Easy Chart and Chart, are both based on the JFreeChart component.

It is possible to set a custom marker as the series shape.

See here:

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Oh so I can set the custom marker to the series ? and if so , what kind of image does it have to be jpg, bmp, png ??

I was thinking you were saying id have to code actual placement point by point (hand rendering the chart in code)

Thank you very much … have a great day