How to create / Draw my own component for perspective?

I would like to know if it’s possible with the module perspective to “Draw” my own “template” like i did before with Vision templates ?
I could only “Drag and Drop” in a “VIEW” component from the symbol Factory.


No there are no real “draw” tool yet. except for pipes.
You can however import svgs (created in for example inkspace) or construct them through script (which is a quite a bit harder :p)

Thanks a lot I have my svg in my view.

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Right now, i succed to put my svg in the view, i just would like to animate it’s color with a binding on an INTEGER

There are many ways to do this. Drill into the properties of the SVG in Perspective, and you will see fill colors for your various objects. You can do direct bindings to this or just use styles to override the fill property.

Make sure to embed the SVG and not add it to the library. The library is a bit useless imo and I can’t see me ever using it. The library is the default import option (with is absurd to me)