How to create the momentary Button in Perspective

Hi I know the momentary buttons are not advanceable for SCADA operations. But in our case, we have request from customer to create momentary buttons. So I am looking for the efficient way to create the momentary buttons on perspective. Please share your feedbacks.

This is my take on it.

I setup a few custom properties on the button Tag Path, Tag Value, and what value the tag is going to be set to. Then I have a tag change script monitoring for the tag change.

That’s not momentary button behavior. That is one-shot behavior. A momentary button sets on press and resets on release.

For Perspective, I would decline the task. Sorry.


This is true, my apologies.

I totally agree with this, but out of curiosity (to help a client understand why we shouldn't do this, because I am just guessing)... WHY would you not recommend this idea in Perspective specifically?

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Because, with currently available components, there is no way to ensure the PLC gets its bit released (in a reasonably short bounded time, typically ~100ms) if:

  • The browser hard crashes while the button is pressed,

  • The browser encounters a javascript bug or sandbox violation while the button is pressed,

  • Some other javascript operation hogs the CPU(s) (charts for the win!), delaying recognition of the mouse release,

  • The websocket gets cut off between browser and gateway (for any reason).

PLC I/O protocols use a fast, continuous stream of repeating messages to indicate continued health in each direction, and PLC firmware has built-in support for relaying that health information to the logic that needs it.

No such beast is built into any PLC's request/response protocols, nor built into any browser.

You can approximate it by sending precise timestamps (or similar messaging) along with the desired state at close intervals from the front end. But Perspective doesn't run scripts on the real front end, so there's no way to cobble this together. (You can in Vision.)

Adding such a component to Perspective is on my to-do list for my EtherNet/IP module, similar to the button with that robust functionality I created for Vision. It is part of that module because a UI component can only cover the gap between client and gateway. To cover the gap from gateway to PLC across numerous non-robust protocols is a nightmare I don't want to touch or have any association with. So my component (future components) only works with variables in my class 1 communications drivers, where the GW-PLC gap uses an I/O protocol.