How to create UDT tags in Ignition

I want create a UDT tags in ignition? is it possible can you help me

Please read training material.



Your conduct on this forum is approaching troll status, with questions like this. (Some might say you are already there.)

Please read this long-standing guidance for how to interact with a volunteer community:

It is written with Linux in mind, but certainly fits this forum. Key point: supplicants have a responsibility to do a reasonable amount of research about their question before asking for help, and to explain the research and results already conducted.

In educational contexts, one is expected to do their own homework.


Right click to get the menu

I am part of the some, and hear hear to the rest of it too...
Every "question" this person asks reminds me of the elusive "can I has 1x SCADA please?" :man_facepalming:

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"can I has 1x SCADA please?" ... "to go" .... "with extra yum-yum sauce"

Ignition could be very confusing sometimes.
Sometimes one simple thing take me forever to figure out, people on his forum can point to the right direction easily.
That is why I like this forum, people are so helpful and nice.

I'm not disagreeing or saying people cant ask simple questions. While this is a great place to learn and grow, taking some time to reference the manual or other forum posts first should be done first as it is people volunteering their time to assist. This post though is a particularly simple question that even a google search for 'how to make UDTs in Ignition' pulls up step by step instructions from IA's documentation.

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Sure. Ignition has a lot you can do with it and some of those things are difficult to figure out, especially for someone new to the software. It's great that we have this forum and so many people who are eager to help others out for free.

It causes some understandable frustration when someone uses the forum as their first step in figuring out a problem, because it becomes a drain on people that could be using their time to solve trickier problems or get their own work done.

This thread is a great example of the latter, because it's a very straightforward task, and you can go straight to an extremely detailed article on how to do it by just Googling "ignition create udt", and all you need is 0.3 seconds of Google's time. (Though I would recommend starting directly on


You can also use Google search with the operator to find both manual pages and forum posts about your topic.


I feel my comment needs to be read in context of this user's other topics started - these would also explain Phil's reply as well. He has asked the most basic questions easily answered by a google search, a look in the user manual, or in the inductive university (all found via a google search and linked to many times in his other posts), and asked questions completely without context and devoid of any useful information which would help us help him, despite countless courteous requests from a lot of others, myself included. He's either trolling, as Phil points out, or ... I don't even know