How to cross reference tag history in ignition with a particular tagid in database

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Because we are generating PowerBI reports based on historical ignition data, I am finding the need for a methodical approach to cross reference a particular tag's history from Ignition, to its database tagID. Is there a way to do this?

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I think you're asking about the data that is stored in "sqlth_te".

I wouldn't recommend querying Ignition Historian data in SQL because it is usually pretty inelegant to do that with tables partitioning, etc.

I would first look if these methods give you the functionality you're looking for:

Generally speaking, the best service-agnostic approach is a Webdev endpoint that calls system.tag.queryTagHistory and returns a JSON dump of the data you're interested in. That's pretty straightforward to ingest in tools like PowerBI, Tableau, etc.

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