How to Customize Chart Labels & Plot Transparency?

I would like to customize the labels of a simple pie chart. When I look under the Customizers menu there are no options. Is there a way to make font/size/colour changes?

Also, Is it possible to make the plot area transparent?

Thank you!

You can modify the font size in the Property Editor, it is listed as Label Font in the Appearance section.

There is an option to make the Plot Background transparent, in a way. If you select the customizer of the plot background, at the bottom of the window you can adjust the transparency, adjusting it to zero will make it transparent.

Thanks for the tip Greg. The actual answer was make sure your property editor filter is set to all! :blush:

I also found that transparency can be set by clicking the colour wheel and using the alpha channel slider.

Well I am glad to hear that you have it sorted out.