How to deal with complexity in perspective

I am currently building an operator interface in perspective that should help to collect machine downtime reasons. I am rather new to Ignition and I found that the whole construct of views with embedded views, params, pop-ups property change scripts, events,…, and so on grows pretty complex pretty fast and might be hard to troubleshoot especially from someone who did not build the application
I was wondering is there a best practice to keep things simple or to document how an application is built? Or is this just me being at the beginning of the learning curve?

The database DataEntry view from the samplequickstart is an good example for a more complex construct in perspective.

Projects can get very complex very quickly, but this is not too different from Vision. I recommend you take extra time planning before constructing a View so that you can plan the layout beforehand. Beyond that, re-use views as often as possible so that you’re not doing the same thing multiple times. I usually have a “template” directory for each project which contains pieces I reuse on various pages. If I reuse a piece across multiple projects, then that piece gets’ put into the “parent” project from which both projects inherit.

As for documentation, there’s nothing in Ignition to assist with this (but I do have a feature ticket to provide notes on a per-resource basis). You could provide your own custom property in the META category and supply notes, but it’s up to you to communicate that this is how you document content.
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