How to delay an action until the DB connector is up?

I have a tag that wants to write a value to a DB connector when the project first starts up (triggered by a value change event). However it seems that the project (and tag change events) start before the DB connector is up and running, and as a result the DB update fails. (and the DB and Ignition are currently running on the same VM)

What is the best way to synchronize things so that the DB connection is available before I need it.

In my case I only want to fire this update off once in order to guarantee DB consistency for some later updates that will occur on a timed basis. Does the GW Startup event guarantee the order of things? (and yes I am aware that a DB could be down - I just want to deal with the expected situation of being up)


An analysis on one or a combo of the above tags, e.g. available and QueriesPerSec > 0


The Available tag was what I was looking for

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