How to delete Unavailable Datasource From tags History section

As it is shown in the below screenshot, I have some valid database connections, but in the tags-> history section, there is a provider called MYSQL12 with the status of “Datasource Unavailable”.
I want to delete this provider, but there is no option to do that and I can only change the setting of this provider.
I try to create a new DB connection with the same same “MYSQL12” and then delete it so the provider is also deleted with it but that doesn’t work neither.

You will have to open the config db with a SQL lite tool and delete the record for this entry.

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Navigate to the “Status” section of the gateway web interface. Then add sys.internaldb to the path in the URL bar, so you’re navigating to something like http://localhost:8088/web/status/sys.internaldb

Under Select Public Tables you should see Datasources.

Run a query to find the ID of the datasource record you need to delete.

Run the appropriate delete query to remove that record.


If you have the slightest concern about running SQL directly in Ignition’s internal DB, then don’t do it. Have support walk you through it. And have a gateway backup ready before you start.


Thanks but as you see below interestingly there is no MySQL12 record in there!!! Only the valid ones is there

Sorry, I have no idea then.

There’s another table for history providers. Sorry, don’t remember the details.

Maybe taghistoryproviderep?

Sorry, I didn’t look close enough at your photo.


Yes that’s exactly is