How to develop a new module in Ignition

I did university course for the version 8.0 of Ignition.
Could anybody please advise me what is the recommended route to follow if I need to develop a new module in Ignition? What skillset does it require - Java etc? What additional software do i need? Any recommended courses or documents to read?


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I started developing modules this past October so I am fairly new. Ignition is an amazing tool for SCADA, and being able to develop our own modules is great.
To develop modules you will need Java (or any JVM language I think) and ignition knowledge. Also a little bit of Maven. As of software, you’ll just need Ignition and IDE (I personally recommend IntelIJ, there is a free version).

If you are new developing modules, these are the steps I took:

1- Reading this guide and follow the steps to set up your IDE: Introduction - Ignition SDK Programmer’s Guide - Ignition Documentation (
In the Introduction section you can find the different Javadocs (7.9,8.0,8.1), the newer, the easier to develop with. The documentation of the Ignition libraries could see some improvements, so I recommend looking or participanting in this forum if you get stuck. These libraries change from the different Ignition’s versions so be careful with that.

2-Study how these modules work: Ignition Module Development Community (
inductiveautomation/ignition-sdk-examples at ignition-8.0 (
You can clone the project, install them and maybe modify them.

3.-Start developing your own modules

I’d like to hear about what are you planning to develop.

Good luck!


It’s also important to point out that developing a Perspective module is completely different than a vision based module. You have to know a lot more about web development for Perspective.


This is excellent advice, though I would say that from 8.0 upward we’re generally recommending Gradle over Maven; it’s by no means a requirement (@pturmel uses Ant for his modules, I believe) but our new module build tools default to Gradle.

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Contrary opinion: use Maven unless you’re building a Perspective module. Much simpler and we have a very simple plugin for building a module for Maven.

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I do. Not a fan of Maven. Gradle is a happy middle ground, and I will be reworking all my modules for Gradle when v7.9 is EOL.

Hah! No!


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