How to disable selection on Alarm Journal Table

I am trying to use an Alarm Journal Table in my Perspective project to show alarm history, but the project is for a touchscreen device, so I created my own custom large buttons to adjust the date range and the active pager page. It looks great until you select an alarm and then it pops up the "view instances for this:" window and creates a scroll bar. Is there any way to just disable selection entirely like there is on the Alarm Status Table? or at least to turn off the "view instances for this:" window when an alarm is selected?

Here is a picture of how I want it to always look:

Here is a picture of how it looks when you select an alarm:

Hi Davis,

There isn't a blanket option for disabling clicks on all records in the Alarm Journal Table, but you can add the pointerEvents prop to the various rowStyles to prevent rows of that alarm state from being clicked. In this screenshot, I added pointerEvents: none to the active alarms, and those rows are no longer clickable. A bit tedious to do this for all 6 rowStyle options but that should get you the behavior you're looking for.

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