How to disable text for Barcode in Report Viewer?

Inductive Team,

Is there a property for disabling human readable text on Barcode component in Report Viewer ?. We observed there is a property (showText) for Barcode in Ignition Display component.

There isn’t a way to do that on the component itself, but you can draw a white rectangle on top of the numbers :mrgreen:

We have to use that space for packing more data. The text below the bar-code occupies more space vertically and hence we need to remove it.

Would it be possible to send in your screen with the report so I could get a better picture of your requirements?


Find enclosed attachment for our report screen shot. There will be multiple rows in a page and extended to other pages as well. Right now Barcode text getting displayed on the left hand side manually (this is very important for us with that font). If we remove the Text below Barcode and adjust other components, it will save significant space / print paper for Large amount of Rows.

Right now, we placed White Rectangle on Barcode text for hiding it.

I’ve put a ticket in to see if we can add the ability to toggle the barcode text on and off in the report designer.

This is done for 7.5.4

That’s great. We will wait for latest release.