How to display text from Expression Bind to Label Text

I am very lost with how to do this.
All i am trying to do is show the current logged in user and current time in labels in Vision, but no matter what i try I cannot seem to find the syntax for this to work.
Do you not do this as a text binding expression on the label?

You can do this with a binding on the text property of the label.
For the currently logged in user:

For the date: (this will update every 1 second)

Ok, that works thanks.
In a similar vein how would i get this property to display in a label as its not listed in the system tags?

This will update every 1 second. Replace 1000 with 2000 to poll every 2 seconds.


Be very careful with runScript. There are serious performance problems if you run any script this way that interacts with the gateway (db reads/writes, tag reads/writes, etc.) I think system.util.getInactivitySeconds is OK, but someone may come along later and say otherwise.

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