How to do the trend bargraph combination (and look good!)


In one of the recent IA press releases (I can’t find it), there was a screen shown that had a really slick combination of a trend and a bar chart showing tank level.

The trend and bar chart were superimposed on top of the tank with the bar chart to the right showing the current level, and the trend shows historical level.

How would I go about making this screen? I’ve played around with the chart and progress bar screens but can’t get the same smoothness as I remember this looking.

Just trying to implement some of the points in PAS’s excellent ‘high performance HMI’ pdf.



Good Eye!

The graphic that your describing was in fact inspired by PASs book “High Performance HMI.”

With the upcoming release of Ignition 7.5 you can add these features to your projects. A sparkline chart and moving analog indicator are the components used; there will be some other features that incorporate the “High Performance HMI” philosophy.

If you want to check out these new features, Ignition 7.5 is available for download in the Beta section.

Cool thanks! I’ll check it out.