How to draw a Pipe and Rotate Symbol in Perspective 8.1.2

Hi, I am working on a project and creating a page in ignition perspective 8.1.2.
Please let me know how can i do following items?

  • Draw a Pipe or Line
  • How to Flip a Symbol e.g. vessel symbol with P&ID

Don’t think drawing tools exist yet, but maybe this link will help:

Thanks and any idea about mirroring of new symbols in 8.1.2

I haven’t installed 8.1.2 yet, so I can’t speak to that. I would assume you can rotate, kind of useless if you couldn’t.

Exactly and i haven’t found an option to mirror it yet.

To flip a symbol or icon, you need to add a property to the style object, and this new property should be called transform. Set the value fo this new transform property to be scale(-1, 1). This mirrors the symbol/icon over the y-axis. A scale value of scale(1, -1) would mirror the symbol/icon over the x-axis (and make t appear upside-down).




Thanks but i think you are talking about normal symbols where as i am more interested in symbols pallet symbol and still its not working with transform.

e.g. vessel symbol as show below and want to change the fill level from left to right.

like to mirror horizontally as follows but only fill level not direction or text or label.


Ah, I see. The transform applies to the entirety of the component, and this includes the label and text. If you want the vessel flipped and not the text, then you’ll need to supply your own separate label.

Sorry but its not working for me as a mirror image, i am not sure if i am missing something or doing it wrong. Its same in designer and also in session.


You added transform as a child property of props, instead of adding transform as a child of style. If you look closely at the screenshot I provided, you can see that the indentation of classes and transform should be the same as they are both children of style.

Click the + icon which appears to the right of style while hovering over style and select “Value”. Change this new key to “transform”.
Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 9.10.14PM

ohk that makes sense. Thank you very much for your help and support.

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