How to drill down into a chart?

Hi there,

I have a bar chart with line state names. What i want to do is allow the user to click onto a specific bar which would open up a popup window and show how that specific line state duration is split into different shifts

  1. Now when i hover my mouse over the bar graph the tool tip shows me the line state name as you can see in the image. Is there a way to store this variable?
  2. If so i can do a ‘mouseclicked’ action where i pass this variable as a parameter into the custom property of the popup window.
  3. Then i can run a new script/query where i can use this custom property to filter for this specific line state name and split the line state duration by shift

Is this possible or is there a different way to ‘drill’ down into a graph?



Hi @rahman.tarek, in short this functionality is not present as far as I’m aware, but it looks like it is planned for a future release.

For now could you use a popup or hidden view that has all the legend keys which a user can click on to navigate to the drilldown view?

This should be able to get you started.

You’ll need to add a MouseListener to the chart. You should be able to get the tool tip text and pass it to a pop up.

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