How to easily visualize the running PLC sequences on Ignition, like the SFC modules

Hi, just wild thinking that whether there’s any module or library that can be quickly used to visualize the sequence logic running in the plc code, following the concepts from S88. similar like the SFC module.
But just want it for plc sequence logic monitoring, don’t want the control part of the SFC module.

No there isn’t. You pretty much need to come up with your own system. I typically do it with templates/template repeaters. Depends on how complex and dynamic your sequencing is, liner/fixed sequences are pretty easy, parallel sequencing like found in batch applications can be more challenging depending on how far you want to go with it.

If it needs to align with an S88 recipe, which can be built in any number of ways, then it adds to the complexity as the “SFC” visuals need to build themselves based on the running recipe or what is in the PLC.

Currently commissioning a “S88” type of batch system built in Ignition right now, next evolution will be better “SFC” like visuals that can be dynamically built like competitors S88 software. Maybe turn that into a module some day.

Thank you for the reply. I worked on a few projects over the last couple of months seeing other engineers developed very sophisticated SFC charts on Citect pages. Amazing job done. So just wonder whether Ignition already has the templates or it might worth some time to develop the similar templates.