How to edit a component like this?

Want to use this component but obviously do not want the default entered info, but I also can't wrap my head around how to even edit it / have it work off of my own data.
Any help would be appreciated.

The most common mistake with Exchange resources is to import the downloaded zip directly, instead of opening the zip to examine the pieces within. Since the downloaded zip is not a project, you get nothing.

Well I've managed to pull it in "correctly" to the best of my knowledge, but the table doesn't actually use a time series chart so I feel lost on how to make this work for the data I want to display on it.

The documentation says that it generates SVG rectangles, not a time series chart. Did you read its readme file? And the PDF instructions?

Did you read their PDF? It seems to explain quite clearly on what to do.

I did haha, I guess I just don't understand how to import / recreate it into an existing project and Then pass my own data in. I think I might just need to learn up on more general info first perhaps.

The readme says to use the provided views as embedded views, providing the relevant data as view parameters. :man_shrugging:

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What data do you have? You said you can't display for the data you have. What is that data?

I did a very poor job explaining myself haha, I understand how to edit the components of a chart like this, such as what it displays and all of that, however I currently only do that with the default chart and therefore the information it pre pulls in, and want to do it with my own data, which is what I don't quite understand how to pass in.

The power chart does its own queries against your historian(s). Everything else needs either history bindings or query bindings. Maybe you need to brush up on those.

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I want it to show data that is being pulled in from a laser sorting line. I access this data through tags I already have pulled into ignition, and already have transforms to extrapolate them into "number of pounds an hour" I want to then take that data and display it using this chart, having segments where the pounds an hour is above a setpoint show as green, and segments where when it is below setpoint it displays as red.

My biggest confusion is perhaps just with the chart itself then. The guy before me who quit out of nowhere and who I now have to hastily learn to replace accomplished what I want to do / what this rectangle chart does all using only a time series chart, which would be the most ideal to work on over this but I can't really seem to figure either of them out so not sure haha.

Ok, build a dataset as the PDF outlines, the headers need to be "t_stamp" and "value". If you take this dataset and bind to their PARAM, it should just work.

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I will learn how to and then try to do that, thank you.

Read this, I always found it very helpful.

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