How to edit a deployed project


I have a program on a server that calls a window located on other server upon clicking a button.
Here is what is stored in event handler of a button:

My problem is that I can locate this project and edit it using the designer but when I replace the old project with the updated one it does not update.

I am new to inductive automation and I have watched training videos. This program was designed by someone else and I am trying to update few things.

Thanks for your help.

Can you explain this part a bit more? What are you editing exactly? Which project on which Gateway? And what happens or doesn't happen when you edit that project?

Okay the project that is being called upon clicking the button does not show up in IA Designer. So I have to go the server grab the project and upload it and then edit the project. After updating the project the main project (ADVF_Overview) should call the updated project instead it calls the old one. Shouldn’t there be an easier way to do this?

I am editing text for right now.

:scratch: I think you’re launching the wrong Designer. There should never be any sort of “grabbing the project from here and uploading it to there”

To modify a project on server “X”, launch the Designer from server “X”. To modify a project on server “Y”, launch the Designer from server “Y”.