How to embed a web page into a Perspective page

I have the need to embed web pages into a Perspective page, potentially using the View Canvas component. My company uses vision cameras quite frequently & all I'm trying to do is display the live feed from each camera's web server. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Also... We only use Perspective applications. No Vision applications.

Thank you.

Your option is the iframe component. Different 'user agents' (web browsers) on different devices have varying degrees of security, but practically speaking all of them with support for the browser APIs Perspective relies on will adhere to Content Security Policies sent with the "wrapped" frame. Meaning, not every arbitrary page can be embedded inside of an iframe, and it's up to the inner page whether it can be or not.

Also, standard concerns about network visibility apply. Perspective doesn't have any way to "tunnel" an internal-network-only IP cam to make it visible to an external-network device running your Perspective session.

Can you point me in the direction to setup an iFrame? I've bee searching in the components & in the help menu but I don't see where to start.

We call it the 'Inline Frame' component, but the actual HTML element that drives this behavior is the iframe tag.

Thank you! I'll give it a try.

Looks like I just didn't look hard enough... Works like a dream! Thank you!


I missed that one recently as well... maybe they want to call it the "Inline Frame (iFrame)" component. This component is also the fourth result when searching "iframe" in the new docs when it should probably be first.