How to embed Ignition Perspective (web view) into a webpage

We would like to embed Ignition Perspective (web view) into our local webpage (another web server in our LAN)
I’ve seen posts about this (related to older ignition versions) that involves copying java files and using java applets.
Is this method still valid for newest Ignition (V 8.*) ?
Or there is another way to do that? If yes, how?
Thank you.

Disclaimer, I haven’t tested this…

But have you tried using something like an iframe to embed the perspective webpage inside your local webpage?

Yes, I tried Iframe, but considering that both services (ignition server and web server) are on different IPs => I get “refused to connect” error inside Iframe.

So I was thinking there could be a more flexible way to embed the ignition resources into another web page…

No, iframes are it. Unfortunately browser security usually thwarts this.

There are other threads about how to disable various security measures that may help.

with ignition 8.1: is it possible to copy .js, .jar files to web server and use them to embed the content?

copying files doesnt seem like the way to go as your perpective page needs connection to the gateway to function. which does not work with just copying the views

victordcq, yes, I understand that… of course it would require other steps… not just copying…
I wonder if that method is achievable… what would be next steps after copying the files…

No, it’s not possible.

PGriffith, impossible even with the method described here ?

Yes. That method describes embedding a Vision applet inside a webpage.

First, Vision is not Perspective.
Second, no modern web browsers support Java applets.
Third, Vision no longer even contains the code to launch as an applet.

PGriffith, thanks for explaining! So the only possible option => is IFrame (+ tweaking the system to allow crossdomain data exchange), correct?

Yep, iframes are it.

PGriffith, thank you

With the webdev module you could launch your other site fully in igntion tho, instead of the other way around. That probably a lot more work than an iframe tho if its just for one page orso