How to enable a tag based on another tag value

Hello Everyone,

I have an expression tag that I would only like to be enabled/active when another tag value is 1. I am going under enabled property of the expression tag, but I am not sure how to link another tag value as a condition to enable this expression tag

You can do it with scripting I believe. Add a valueChanged tag event script on the tag that will control the "enabled" property of the other tag. You can then use the system.tag.configure function to set the enabled property to true or false. The manual has a good example

A couple of other options pop into my head when I read this, but without more context, it's hard to say which direction is better:

If it's strictly a matter of not executing the expression unless another tag has a certain value, then the other tag's value could be used as a condition of the expression. Example:

if({[.]YourTagName} = 1,
Your Expression HERE,
Your fallback value here)

If it's something like not firing the expression unless a line is running, then perhaps a broader option would be needed to encompass multiple tags. Along these lines, another option would be to use a tag group execution mode instead of event driven. Then, the rate of execution could be driven by a a single tag value:

This fails if the fallback value is to retain the current value. That makes a circular reference. A script on the controlling tag that enables and disables the expression tag is the lightest "weight" solution.