(how to) enforce Mins/Max, (Metadata) - Transaction Group items


We are using Ignition transaction groups for our recipe maintenance/management, as it does seem to be a nice natural fit within Ignition for this functionality.
But.., we need to be able to allow users to view and maintain these values through an interface, which we are doing in a Vision window, with a (pivoted) table.

We really need to be able display and enforce minimum and maximum values for these transaction group items. I can ultimately do it and have at the SQL level with constraints on the columns, but that is a little clumsy having to maintain those at the SQL level. I'd like something more easily configurable.
Has anyone else run across this issue and have thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!

Huh. For responding to the PLC to load recipes on automated product demand, yes, but certainly not for UI purposes. IMNSHO. Your UI should write to and read from the database with scripting and binding (respectively) in your UI, not through transaction groups. Enforce your constraints in the script that writes to the DB, possibly with help from entry field limits.

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