How to Extract color out of HTML text in Tag

I have a string tag in UDT which consist HTML value of color as below:


Is there any way to extract this color as I want to use this to fill background of label on vision screen.

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Using a regex can do this for you.

def getHtmlColor(testString):
	import re

	regex = "<font color=(.{,})>"
	match =, testString)
	if match:
		return match.groups()[0][1:-1]
		return None

print  getHtmlColor("<html><font color='blue'>1.55")



@JordanCClark thanks. Although, I was looking for an inbuilt function, this worked great.

It could be done in an expression.

split({[~]path/to/tag}, "['"+'"]')[1,0]
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I would not rely on this HTML coloring to work in the tag browser (as in, it’s absolutely a bug that it works at all). Why not just add a new property to the tag that you can use as the color?