How to extract data from another web server in the network using web service?

How to extract data from another web server in the network using web service? To be specific, we need to extract data from WESM (Wholesale Electricity Spot Market) web server using the .net script and plot them in the Ignition HMI.
My question is that can we view the data extracted from WESM directly (w/o any third party software or applicatoin) from Ignitnion display screen HMI?

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You’ll have to write a script in jython to replace the .net script, but generic web APIs are certainly readable from Ignition. Numerous discussions on the topic on this forum. Consider using the requests module in jython or the new tooling.

As for WESM itself, that depends on whether they provide API access and what that API looks like. That part would be up to you. Typically, one would query the api for the data you are interested in from a gateway timer script, placing the results in Ignition memory tags for use/display throughout the Ignition platform.

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Hi pturmel! Thanks for the reply.

The source code is based on a .NET C# environment and yes WESM provided an “IEMOP_NMMS_API_Tool_Source_Code”

The gateway script library function or can perhaps be used in a timer loop to get what ever document or json object or string you want to retrieve in ignition server from another web site and write to tags in Ignition and enable history / trends etc on them. Hopefully the C# code provides the GET and POST REST API’s. The new httlClient() is a new function available from 8.0.6 and above only.


yep will look into this Pramanj. This is very helpful. Thank you very much.

I also have a module to send receive any data from other applications to and from ignition on a tcp socket . It’s also possible to communicate between ignition server and a nodejs server using our NJSCADA MODULE

The best architecture Depends on your requirements. That’s the beauty of ignition!

yes @Pramanj will look into that as well…