How to Extract Time from Current Date?

Hello Everyone,

I want to Show Shift Name( Shift-A, Shift-B,..) on label depending on time range.
For Example,
9:00:01 am-5:00:00pm=> Shift-A
5:00:00 pm-1:00:00am=> Shift-B
1:00:01 am-9:00:00am=> Shift-C

How Can I achieve this?

I was trying something like

Use a case statement instead going from last shift to first shift. It would also be good to have your shift datetimes as separate tags so you can easily change the shift start/end times. Ultimately, there are several ways to do this.

	dateIsAfter((now(),{[.]ShiftC_Start} && dateIsBefore(now(),{[.]ShiftC_End}), "Shift-C",
	dateIsAfter((now(),{[.]ShiftB_Start}, "Shift-B",
	dateIsAfter((now(),{[.]ShiftA_Start}, "Shift-A",

Yes! you are correct.
Best thing is I got my expected result with my above post. When I saw it next day, its working as I wanted it.