How to extract Unix timestamp from tag read?

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How can I get the unix timstamp out of this return from a command?

## Call
path ="[]MyTagPath")
print path

## Return
[1737.9868, Good, Sat Jun 18 16:56:10 CDT 2022 (1655589370000)]

## Preferred Return
1655589370000 gives me the ordinary date time format and I’m struggling to convert it to unix in the script console.

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Try this in the Script Console.

path ="[]MyTagPath")
print type(path)
print path.getValue()
print path.getTimestamp()

You can read more about the data type here:

Someone else may have a more terse solution.

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The timestamp you get from a QualifiedValue is a java.util.Date, on which you can call getTime().


Thank you both! For others, here is an example of the result.

## Call
reading_time ="[]MyTagPath")
print reading_time.timestamp.getTime() / 1000

## Result