How to filter dataset value using drop-down

I am working on a project in which I want to populate the data into the table using drop-down selected value.
I have created dataset in session property and this property is binded to the table.
In the drop-down there are three values
Value1, value 2 and All.
When I select the Value 1 in drop-down, table should show only the value1 data in the table, When I select value2 table must show data for value2 only and when I select All option in drop-down, the for all values should be populate into the table .

The drop-down and the table both are in different view.
If is there any way to do this help is appreciated.

  • Create a session variable ddSelection.
  • Create a property binding on the dropdown props.value to the session variable. Set it to bidirectional.
  • Bind your table query filter to the session variable.

This is a handy feature of session variables - they can act like globally scoped variables.

We have created dataset in session property. We are not using query binding

Add a script transform to your dataset binding and use the session variable in the binding to filter the data.

I don't think he's fetching the data from a database here.

Begin as @Transistor said: Create a session custom property and bind your dropdown's value prop to it.
Making it bidirectional will ensure that the session prop is updated when the dropdown's value changes.
On your table, use a structure binding with 2 elements: One to the dataset, the other one to the session custom prop holding the filter.
Add a script transform and filter your dataset there.

If you need help with the transform, I'll need more details about the dataset and the filters.