How to find all tags configured with tag history?

It has been awhile that I changed over to using just Transaction groups. I was wondering if there is a way to find the remaining ones left that where setup with tag history?

Try running the following code in your script console. Note that if your tags exist under a tag provider other than ‘[default]’, you’ll need to change line 5 to reflect that. If there are thousands of tags with history configured, the printed results may be too long to see them all in the script console, so they may need to be written to giant string which is saved directly to your workstation as a .txt file once the for loop has completed.

Edit: I should probably state that the following will only work in version 8.1.2 and above.

filters =	{
			'tagType'	: 'AtomicTag',
			'recursive'	: True
provider = '[default]'
for tag in system.tag.browse(provider, filters).getResults():
	if 'history' in str(dict(tag).get('attributes', '')):
		 print str(tag['fullPath'])

I am on version 8.1.2, I ran the script and I got no results so I am assuming there is none left.