How to find list of all tags that have an alarm configured?

Hello, new to ignition here.

I’m starting with a project that already has some alarms configured, but I can’t seem to find which tags they are associated with. On the alarm status screen, the “display path” column does not reference real tag names, so I’m curious how to find out what tags are triggering them.

Is there a list somewhere that shows you all alarms that are configured, and which tags they are generated from?


Thanks Jordan.

So there is no native way to see that list? What about an alarm that you already see in the alarm status window- is there any way to identify where it is coming from natively? I don’t have any SQL experience or a database set up, just want to see what tag is generating that alarm.

You should be able to use system.tag.browseTagsSimple and system.tag.getAlarmStates to determine which tags have an alarm configuration.

Late, but for posterity:
To answer this part of your question, in the alarm status component you can click on an alarm item and then click on the magnifying glass icon in the bottom right of the component. This will show you the details of the alarm, including the path to the associated tag (the bottom control panel needs to also be displayed via the component properties to see the magnifying glass button).

Perhaps what @repej wants is a built in feature for listing of all tags having alarms configured on them on screen or in a file! I guess a script is the only solution or export all tags in an XML and hopefully it will have the information about the alarms on each tag !

As I mentioned in another post, using getAlarmStates() is only going to return properties of the alarm that have been changed from their defaults.

Using system.alarm.queryStatus(source="*") is far quicker and will also get you access to all of the properties, changed or not.