How to force client update

I have 2 ignition vision client on the same PC with 2 monitor.
Some client’s interactions are made with message handler (7.7 feature :slight_smile: )

When I publish a modification, I have the “Project update available.Click here to update” notification on both clients.

When the operator accept the update on one client, I would like automatically accept update on the other one.

With the tag a client tag change script on [System]Client/System/EditCount, we can catch the event and send a message to the other client, but then how to force the update ???

Any other solution to achieve such a request ? :scratch:

Would retargeting to itself do it? :scratch:

I know it isn’t the same thing but you could avoid the issue by setting the project Publish Mode to Auto.


Yes, Carl is right. That’s what I meant. In Project Properties -> Client -> General

Set Update Mode to Push.


The setting you’d want isn’t the publish mode, it’s the “Update Mode” - you’d change it to “Push” from “Notify”

Hi all I have ignition 7.9.5,
I have set update to auto but my some clients are updating while others are not any ideas???

Have you tried restarting/updating all the clients after you first changed the update mode to “Push” and committed?

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yes I tried that some does auto update some don’t

For the ones that aren’t auto updating, do they still display the ribbon in the top that prompts users to update when you make commits?

yes ,
It will ask me weather I want to publish updates.

Publish is what you do from the designer. The clients just prompt to download the update, or do it automatically if you have Push mode enabled.

Just to be sure, some clients are auto-updating and others still display this?

Can’t really suggest much besides try killing the Java process, restarting the PC, or reinstalling the JRE.