How to force tag values to be stored even when they have not changed?

I am using Ignition v7.9.16

How can I force tag values to be stored even when the value has not changed? Most of the time the values will likely be zero, then occasionally be non-zero.

I know this can be done using the “Max time between records”, but these settings appear only to work when the Timestamp Source is set to “System”. I need the Timestamp Source to be set to “Value” since we will sync values to the system when a connection to a device is broken and later restored. In this case we want these values to have the timestamp when the values were initially measured, not when they were stored.

I appreciate any ideas on this item.

Thank you,

So the timestamp of the tag is changing but the value isn’t? What if you try changing the mode from Analogue to Discrete?

Thanks nminchin,

The LastChange timestamp does not change in these cases, if that is what you are referring to.

I had already changed from Analog to Discrete and also had changed the setting of the “Pen Mode Control” property of the Easy Chart form Heavyweight to Lightweight. This is making the values show up in the chart as desired.

But I would still like to store the values in the historian tables for the scan class intervals even when the tag value hasn’t changed, LastChange value hasn’t changed, and still keeping the Time Source set to Value.