How to force the Gateway to map drives when there is a failed attempt at restart

This week-end the Ignition Gateway server rebooted after windows updates.
At reboot, the gateway failed to map a drive to a remote server (maybe because it was rebooting too)

Is there a way to force the gateway to try remap the drive manually without restarting the entire gateway ?

The manual shows configurations for the number of retries to allow, as well as the time to wait between retries. Do you have those configured? If so what are they?

I would expect there to be information in the Wrapper log indicating why the drive failed to map.

Once you're out of retries I don't believe there is a way to force one aside from restarting the gateway service.


The error in the wrapper log confirm that the source server was not available.
The retry parameters were not set so I did add the following configuration to the config

#retry Interval is in seconds
#Shutdown the gateway if the network is not available after the next 15 minutes

I too would like to know if there is a way to do this programatically.

I have an Ignition system in charge of making backups of various programs and storing them on a mapped drive. Every so often it loses connection with that mapped drive and then backups are not made until Ignition is restarted.

What would be really cool is if in my except clause of the backup script I can examine if the error is the mapped drive not being able to be seen by Ignition and if so I can attempt to remap it then and there programatically so that next backup at least works.

At most, you could perhaps capture the exit code of the service wrapper?