How to Format text and Add Bullet points?

Following is my basic thought process:
I would like my users to be able to add notes through a text field, and also format the notes/parts of the note if needed(like adding bullet points, or changing color of selected text), then click a “save” button which will write to a tag called “downtimeNotesLine1” (datatype: Dataset) that saves the notes. Similarly, I also have tags for other Lines.

Finally I want to incorporate value of all “downtimeNotesLine(N)” as an email body for reporting. It should also include the aforementioned formatting in it.

Currently I’ve been able to use html tags(inside the email body) around value of “downtimeNotesLine(N)” as prefix and suffix so that it can atleast make all the notes organized.
def reasonStyle(text):
style = “<p style=“color:#b11226; ,font-size : 15px; ,padding : 0; ,margin : 0; ,line-height: 25px;”><.b>”
return style+text+ “<./b><./p>”

But formatting part of the notes seems to be much more complex.
Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

I would log the downtime events in a database with no formatting then use a query data source in a report (reporting module required) to apply formatting. The reporting module is quite powerful and can be printed/emailed/FTP etc.

Thank you so much @dkhayes117 for the prompt reply.
Yes, I am using the reporting module. Also my use case is to reporting supervisor notes on largely accumulated downtimes throughout the shift (not the individual downtimes themselves)
My question is if there’s any way we could implement a MS word style formatting option on text field? Or if anyone has attempted to do so.

There is a markdown component. You could bind that with a textarea i guess.

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