How to freeze or fix column headings in a table component

I have a large table with multiple bindings. When viewed from a small screen it’s hard to tell what the numbers mean. I would like to fix the headers at the top like I can in excel. Is this possible?

In both Vision and Perspective, the table components have fixed headers, if you are scrolling in the table and loosing your headers, this suggests that your headers are part of the table data.

Is this vision or perspective, and how are you setting the data in the table?

I believe you are correct. Inside my data the labels for the data are the column headings. Will look into creating headings rather than this way.

Glad to throw you a helping hand, if you show how you are currently getting the data, then perhaps there is a simple way to separate the headers from the data. I imagine the data is coming from a CSV file in some way.