How to generate multiple report pages, based on an SQL count result


im new to the Reporting Module and can't really find an answer to following question.
I have a SQL Query as Datasource which returns the amount of assets in a certain department. Lets say department XYZ has 5 assets.

I now have a second Query that returns for every of those 5 assets specific Information.
Now i need to display those query results for each asset on a own page.

Basicaly i want to dynamicly create pages based on the amount of assets i have (each page shows data for one asset) . I could do it manually but that would take ages since the amount of assets per department is a lot more than 5.

Not sure if thats even possible, so i appreciate any tipp that guides me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance,


That would be a "table group". The group would use the outer key, and the per-asset part would use the inner key.

I think your best bet would be to use a single data source in a table and configure table grouping based on asset. The table will handle pagination automatically, but I'm not sure if you can force it to a new page when the asset changes.
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