How to generate opc ua certificate file for ignition

Ignition Version: 8.0.10 (b2020031912)
There is a problem that a project with ignition installed a few years ago, opc ua client can not connect with opc ua server, logs showd

[remote=/] Received error message: ErrorMessage{error=StatusCode{name=Bad_CertificateTimeInvalid

Certificate file expired, but where can we download a new valid file, i didn't find any field to generate a new file in gateway.
Did someone else meet the same issue? Any advise will be appreciated

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You have to delete the offending certificate and restart. Ignition will make a new one, with another three-year validity period. Use the remote's UI to accept Ignition's new certificate.

Consider upgrading to take advantage of the option to create longer validity periods in the new UI.

{ v8.0.10 is ancient and buggy and hasn't been supported for a couple years now. This isn't the only reason to upgrade. }

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Thanks,that works.