How to get column value in perspective table, view as a render type

Pass column value to view in perspective table using a view render type

sample data :
will show check icon if true

This is the view i want to show in split column:

Thanks for any suggestion in advance! appreciated

There is no question in your post.
If you are asking how to add a component into a column then you need to create a small view with that component on it and embed that view in the table column. This is set in
for column 0, etc.

Hi, so what i want to do is to display this view in split column, my problem is I cant get the value on my data.


here’s my column settings

  • On the embedded view create a view parameter. Call it mySplit or whatever you like.
  • Bind the checkbox value property to view.params.mySplit.
  • In the table pass the true or false value into viewParams.

Hmm, I want to read the split value automatically like in this example, i think my only problem is my data format that’s why i cant get the split data.

Embedding a View in a Table Cell

Well what data are you passing to the view?

I think thats what i need, i just followed this example in documentation and it did not work to me.
based on that example i shared, he got value parameter in the view and he just add the path in props.columns.0.viewPath and automatically get the data.

here is the example

Check replies from cmallonee

This one fixed my problem.