How to get JFreechart object from an EasyChart in jython


I’d like to know how to get the underlying JFreechart chart object from an Easy Chart. For a regular chart it is just getChart() but that doesn’t seem to work with EasyCharts (?). I’m new to Ignition, so if there is some way I can browse an object in Ignition to determine the answer I’d like to know about that.



The easiest way to get this is from the configureChart extension function that exists on the chart. The JFreechart object is passed into this function as the “chart” argument.

You can find the extension function by right clicking on an Easy Chart and selected “Scripting”.

The extension function only exists in later versions of Ignition such as Ignition 7.6.4.

Hmm…I’m using 7.6.4 and I can see extension functions on Tables and Charts, but nothing on Easy Chart…


Oh sorry, it is in Ignition 7.6.5.