How to get monitor size (perspective)

I have a project, the control panel touch screen is 800*600, the control room monitor is FHD, the remote client monitor could be UHD.
Most of the views are developed using flex container, it works out well, but it's sometimes difficult to make nice screen, especially when it comes to multiple items alignment both vertically and horizontally. And especially when the P&ID is displayed.

Does perspective has a session tag to indicate the client window size? So I can make different views to suit the needs.

So even in the traditional web technologies, we never get the client station pixel information as that will be a breach of security protocols. You can get the browser agent, but that's it.

Ideally speaking if you are using flex and applying responsiveness, then you should be able to cater all screen sizes. If more granularity is needed then you can always alter the ignition base CSS themes.



Use media queries in style classes:


Isn't this the exact use case for the Breakpoint Container?

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Look into using the dimensions prop available to the page. Documentation

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normal agile setup using flexible container is fine.
But when it's P&ID page, I have to use coordinate container, then the screen size does matter.