How to get original row Index after sorting the Dataset


Can you help me to get the original row index of the rows after sorting a Dataset. I will try to explain the exact scenario. we have a Dataset in table with group of some orders, when no columns are sorted the row index count from 0 to maximum, after sorting at-least one column the row indexes are sequenced as per new sorting like 2,5,0,6,1,7…etc. when i try to find the value at 0th row it is looking 3rd row as it had the Index as 0. Is there a way to get the sorted Index starting from zero? Please suggest.



I think the look up function will help you out. It is explained in the user manual under appendix B expressions/logic. I think you could use your index column in the dataset as the look up column.


I do not understand the question. Sorting a table by column is purely visual - it doesn’t alter the underlying dataset.