How to Get Popup Trigger on Numeric Text field

Hello There,

I am looking to create a popup menu when right clicked on numeric text field. I see a * popupTrigger property on mouseClicked but not sure how to invoke in windows.

Thanks for any help in advance

The popupTrigger on the mouseClicked is with respect to the mouse click event (a.k.a is the type of mouse click considered a popupTrigger) which is determined by the OS.

When you say popup menu do you mean a Contextual Menu?

Hello Irose,

That is exactly what my understanding is from what I read. And yes, I mean contextual Menu using systesm.gui.createPopupMenu. I already have one PopupTrigger working for Power table but it was relatively easy to configure since its an event in itself. Since, that popupTriggers works well with right click on mouse in windows clients, I thought numeric text field do the same. So, in the mouseClicked property I have print event.popupTrigger which prints false on any kind of mouseClicked event.
am I interpreting something wrong ?

Edit : Never mind, I found it. I placed the same line in mouse released. Right click seems good.