How to get Roles in Ignition Designer

Hi All,

I have one numeric text field, I need to enable/disable that numeric text field based on ROLE logged in.

I dont need to enbale/disable numeric text field based in User logged in.

I have not found Role of users logged in in the Ignition Designer.

Please let me know how to get Roles logged in so I can use in the application.

Thanks In advance

EDIT: I scratched my first line of reasoning. I’m flawed this morning… :laughing:

The [System]Client/User/RolesDataSet and [System]Client/User/RolesString should have what you need. The only caveat I have is that they don’t get populated in the designer. Only in a running project.

While I develop, I use a label pointing to RolesString to assist in testing.

Yup it works,

I had confusion because it don’t get populated in the designer and these [System]Client tags are not convert it into SQL tags. :frowning:

Anyway thank you Jordan :smiley: .