How to get table column Type?

Inductive Team,

Is it possible to get column type from dataset like get column name (getColumName) function ?

Yes, you can do the following:dataset.getColumnType(0)Replace the 0 with whatever column index you want to get the type for.


Perfect. We tried same function before we posted and tried to show error box (system.gui.errorBox()). It does not show anything if we directly use:


It shows the value if we use, some intermediate variable. Like:

vStr = str(dataset.getColumnType(0)) system.gui.errorBox(vStr)
Now all works good.

I think what you’re looking for is name, since what that getColumnType is returning is a Python “type”:



getColumnType function works perfect. We had a question which may not related to this. Is there a way to increase width of Grid lines (thick lines) for table component ?

Sorry, you can’t change that right now. You can hide them or change the color.

Thank you Travis.