How to get the legent to display properly in Bar Chart?

Hi all!

I am experiencing some issues with trying to populate Bar chart with data from 2 SQL tables. First table is being populated by a transaction group every time a machine stops with t_stamp, name and error code. The 2nd table has a list with all the error codes in one column and descriptions in different languages in another columns. I am trying to get the number of times had a stoppage error and group them by description and display them in order. The SQL works as I can see the data set is correct but it does not display properly (cannot see the descriptions in the legend). Could you give me a hand I believe it is something stupid I am missing. Thanks!

SELECT en,COUNT(Last_Stop_Reason) FROM BMM_Stop_data, Last_stop_errors WHERE AND t_stamp BETWEEN '{Root Container.Calendar.formattedLatchedDate}' AND '{Root Container.Calendar 1.formattedLatchedDate}' AND BMM_Stop_data.Machine_Name = '{[Client]Machine}' GROUP BY Last_stop_errors.en ORDER BY COUNT(BMM_Stop_data_ndx) DESC