How to get the number of vision clients to appear from a perspective


Picture "1" shows the number of vision clients.

I would like to express this quantity from a perspective.

For your information

It's not on this site.

Please tell me how I can display the quantity.

Hard to believe that [System]Gateway/Sessions/SessionCount doesn't exist.

But, it can be done through scripting.

I did it in the way you told me

I'd like to extract the yellow part of picture number 1 as a quantity, so please tell me how to do it.

something along the lines of:

sessionInfo = system.util.getSessionInfo()
clientCount = len([x for x in sessionInfo if not x['isDesigner']])

The value is null.

You need to return the result

Change it to

sessionInfo = system.util.getSessionInfo()
return len([x for x in sessionInfo if not x['isDesigner']])
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It was solved by doing it the way you told me.

Why did you put the "x" in front of "for" in the method

"return len([x for x in session Info if not x ['isDesigner'])" ?

This is an example of list comprehension. The x is merely a generic variable name.