How to go from a dataset to a dictionary?

I have a dataset from a query binding and I want to turn it into a dictionary in a script. How can I do this? Ignition 7.9.

That’s only in 8.0 I believe, I don’t have that option.

There’s no obvious mapping from dataset to dictionary, so you’ll need to tell us what your dataset looks like and what “shape” you want the resulting dictionary to be.

It’s two columns, I would like the first column to be the key and the second column to be the value.

2 columns and 1 row or multiple rows?

It has multiple rows.

So something like this?

"column 1 name" : [values, in, each, row, for, column 1],
"column 2 name" : [values, in, each, row, for, column 2]

where the keys are the column name, and the value is an array of the values from the rows of that column?

The dataset is such

id     description
1      label1
2      label2
3      label3

and so on. I’d like the dictionary to be

   "1": "label1",
   "2": "label2",
   "3": "label3",


dict = {}

for row in dataset:
	dict[row['id']] = row['description']

You could also just use the indices, i.e. row[0] and row[1].

and I think for the iteration to work it needs to be a PyDataSet, otherwise you’ll have to use some of the other more verbose methods to get the data out.


That was it, thanks.